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ExcerptsPlus User Guide

About Excerpts+

The Excerpts+ block provides added design and layout functionality to the Headway WordPress theme framework. It can be used to setup magazine layouts, fancy recent posts lists, featured post sliders, image rotators and much more.


What’s New in Excerpts+ for Headway 3

  • Easy styling using Headway 3 Design Editor
  • Greatly improved automatic calculation of cell sizes
  • Options for cell padding and cell vertical gap
  • Help panel with link to User Guide
  • Advanced styling options panel
  • Hooks for inserting your own code
  • Developer options
  • Improved management of image caching

Other Features

Excerpts+ version 2.0 is chock full of awesomeness:

  • Pagination
  • Uses first image if no featured image set
  • User configurable layout
  • Full content display option
  • Option for image borders
  • Uses category when on category archive page
  • Uses author when on author archive page
  • Option to exclude specific posts or pages
  • Option to show child pages of a page
  • NextGen Gallery support
  • Vertical crop alignment
  • All new image processing system
  • Crop alignment of images

System Requirements

  • WordPress 3.1 or greater
  • Headway 3.0 or greater
  • PHP with GD image processing library (99% of hosts provide this by default).


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