User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
ExcerptsPlus User Guide



Content type

Choose the content type you want to display: Posts, pages or custom post types (if available).

Show full content or excerpt only

Choose whether you want to show and excerpt or the full content in each cell. If you choose Excerpt, you may also choose Styled Excerpt. To use styled excerpts, you will need the TinyMCE Excerpt plugin for WordPress.

If you want to have user definable excerpts for pages, then try the Page Excerpt plugin for WordPress.

Specific IDs (optional)

Specify IDs of posts or pages or custom post types if you want to limit to specific content.

Show children of specific IDs (Page types only)

If you want to show the child pages of a particular page, then enter that page’s ID in the Specific IDs, and enable this setting.

Exclude Specific IDs

If enabled, the specified IDs above will be excluded. Useful for excluding the pages like the 404 page when type is pages.

Skip n posts

Skips the chosen number of posts.