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ExcerptsPlus User Guide

CSS Selectors

Okay, this chapter is for the design freaks who really want to get their hands dirty. Excerpts+ has many CSS classes you can use to uniquely style your or your client’s site using Headway’s Live CSS Editor, or custom.css file.

Some useful Excerpts+ CSS classes

ep-more-indicator (this is the ellipses)
a.excerpt-more-link (this is the text)
.entry-title a
.ep-show-border-content img
.ep-show-border-title img
.ep-show-border-none img (i.e. this is when the image is in the structure)
.ep-cellcol1 (Contains image when title location, position left and title aligned).ep-cellcol2 (Contains the cell rows).ep-cellcol3 (Contains image when title location, position right and title aligned)
.ep-cellrow1 ( and 2,3,4,5 These are the rows set in the Structure).

Also, each cell, at the ep-cell level, is assigned a unique call consisting of the cell number and the block ID in the form ep-cell-no-CC-block-id-LL where CC is the cell’s number, and LL is the id of the block.

Here’s a few examples:
/* Colour excerpt titles red but only in sliders */
body.custom .slider .excerpt-title a {
color: red;

/* Colour excerpt content navy and it’s background grey, but only when content is displayed in cell row 3 */
body.custom .ep-cellrow3 .excerpt-content {
color: navy;

/* Change the background tint colour of the text area when using image behind.*/
body.custom div.excerpts-plus-excerpt-behind .ep-cell-container {
background: rgba(96,127,192,0.7)!important;