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ExcerptsPlus User Guide


Note: If you wish to have true Page excerpts, the Page Excerpt plugin ( is fully Excerpts+ compatible.


Excerpt Length

Number of characters or words of the excerpt to show. If the number is greater than the excerpt length, it will only show the full excerpt.

Characters or Words

Choose to trim excerpt length by characters or words

Truncation character

If the excerpt is truncated, choose the character to indicate this. Options are Ellipses, Arrows or none

Read More text

Wording to use to indicate to read more. If you want to include the post title, add %title% to the text entered.

No Excerpt/Content message

Text to display when no content.

Excerpt first, then list

Enable this if you only want to show an excerpt for the first post, then just a list of titles thereafter.

Note: This only works when Number Across is set to one