User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
ExcerptsPlus User Guide

Image Sizing


Image width

Set the width (in pixels) for the displayed image. 

Note: The image width is only used when the Image Location is either Title or Content. In all other uses, the image will take the full width of the cell.

Image height

Set the height (in pixels) for the displayed image.

Force image width

Image quality

Lower values will reduce the size of the file but also reduce the clarity of the image. Higher values will make images slower loading.

Value range is 0 to 100. However, if zero it will default to 70.

Vertical crop alignment

Choose how you want to vertically align the main image when it crops.

Options are:

  • Centre
  • Top
  • Top quarter
  • Bottom quarter
  • Bottom

In the cropping examples below, you can see how the beginning point for cropping moves further down with each selection.


This is one you will really have to experiment with to find what suits the particular block and its images the best.

Horizontal crop alignment

Choose how you want to horizontally align the main image when it crops.

Options are:

  • Centre
  • Left
  • Left quarter
  • Right quarter
  • Right

Image resizing method

Choose how you want the image resized in respect of its width and height to the Display Image Height and Width

Options are:

  • Crop width and height to fit
  • Stretch to width and height (Warning: Can distort image)
  • Crop width, match height
  • Match width, crop height
  • Fit within width and height

Image fill color

Choose a fill colour for when an image doesn’t fully fill the frame

Maximum image dimensions

This setting will limit source image maximum dimensions. eg. 1000x1000px.

This is a preventative in case the site’s users upload large dimension images – eg. 3000×2000 – which chew memory and slow down the system.

Higher values may even cause the site to break on larger images if it runs out of memory.

If an image exceeds this dimension, a grey box will display instead.

Leaving it blank or zero will process the image as normal.