User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
ExcerptsPlus User Guide


Note: The default image used is the Featured Image of the post. This can be set under the Publish/Preview button. If it is not set, then Excerpts+ will attempt to use the first image it finds in the post.


Image location

Choose where to display the image: Next to the title; In the content; Behind the excerpt content; or Use structure position to use the position set in the Structure settings

Image alignment

Option to position image to the left or right when location is in the content or the title, or centre if image location is in the content.

Align title, meta and content/excerpt with image

This will vertically align the all the text information with the image, instead of wrapping around the image.

Image borders

Show border around images.

Do not recreate images for this block

By default, this block’s images will be recreated when publishing or refreshing in the Visual Editor.

Once you are happy with the images for this block, then check this so they don\’t get rereated each time.

This has no effect other than saving the time it takes to reload the Visual Editor.