User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
ExcerptsPlus User Guide



Number to show

Choose how many excerpts to show.

Note: If pagination is enabled, this becomes the number shown per page.

Number across

Choose how many excerpts you’d like to display in each row.

Cells Vertical Gap

This sets the vertical gap between each cell across.

Cell Padding

Choose how much padding, that space, you want to put between the edge of the cells and their content

Number to show as full width content

If you have chosen to show excerpts, this option allows you to ovveride it for a specified number of posts therefore choose how many to post display their full content for. After this number is reached, only the excerpts will show.


Set the order of the list posts to either descending or ascending.

Order by

Choose what order you’d like the excerpts to appear. Options are Date created; Date last modified; Author; Title; Comment count; Random; and Page order.

Link to text

You can display an additional link at the foot of your excerpts, for example to take you to all posts in the category of excerpts you’ve shown. This option lets you set the text for that link. Leave blank for none.

Link to URL

URL of additional link in the footer of your excerpts. Leave blank for none.

Row border

Choose whether to display a border under each row of excerpts.


If enabled, it will display next/previous posts indicators, allowing readers to page through your posts.

Note: NEVER put more than one block on a page that allows pagination. It could really mess up post navigation on that page and confuse the heck out of your readers.