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GalleryPlus User Guide

Accordion Image Options



Select a gallery of images to display. Gallery+ will automatically scan your WP for any Gallery+, NextGen Gallery, as well as standard WP galleries in existing posts and pages.

Note: It will only show galleries with three or more images.

The item Content: Uses images in viewed page/post (min 3 images) wil automatically use a standard WP gallery that is contained in the displayed page or post – if one is found.

This option was added so you can use Gallery+ on single posts.

Being a block, Gallery+ can’t be set in its options to use a different gallery for each post.

The solution is to include a standard WP gallery in your posts, which Gallery+ can detect and display. Using the shortcode method, you can then embed the Gallery+ display of the gallery wherever you want it in your post.

Image Width

Set the width in pixels you want to display the imagesDefault: 500

Image Height

Set the height in pixels you want to display the main imagesDefault: 300

Vertical Crop Alignment

If the main image, because of the width and height above, requires cropping, you can choose to crop from the centre out, top down, top quarter down, or bottom quarter up, bottom up.Default: Centre

Original image


In the cropping examples below, you can see how the beginning point for cropping moves further down with each selection.
This is one you will really have to experiment with to find what suits the particular block and its images the best.


Horizontal Crop Alignment

Same as vertical cropping but for horizontal alignment. Choose how you want to horizontally align the main image when it cropsDefault: Centre

Image resizing method

Choose how you want the image resized in respect of its width and height to the Display Image Height and Width.

Options are:

  • Crop width and height to fit
  • Stretch to width and height (Warning: Can distort image)
  • Crop width, match height
  • Match width, crop height
  • Fit within width and height

Image fill colour

Choose a fill colour for when an image doesn’t fully fill the frame because of the image resizing method

Image quality

Lower values will reduce the size of the file but also the clarity of the image. Higher values will make images slower loading.
Value range is 0 to 100.
Default: 70

Start at image

If you wish to start at a specific image, enter its number here.Default:1

Order By

Set what info you’d like to order the images by. Default: Title

Note: Some gallery plugins may not support this


Sets the order of the images, either ascending or descending.Default: Ascending

Note: Some gallery plugins may not support this

Action on image click/hover

Action on image click (Gallery+ Slider block has no hover actions)

  • Lightbox – Opens images in a lightbox viewer
  • URL (same window) – Links to the URL specified in the image’s description field, opening in the same browser window. This only works with Gallery+ galleries
  • URL (new window) – Links to the URL specified in the image’s description field, opening in a new browser window. This only works with Gallery+ galleries
  • Do nothing

Default: Lightbox

Note: If you choose URL, you will need to enter the required URL in the descriptiuon field of the images in the selected G+ gallery.

Show Image Captions

Option to show or hide the image captions. They will appear superimposed on the image.
Default: On

Do not recreate images for this block

By default, this block’s images will be recreated when publishing or refreshing in the Visual Editor. Once you are happy with the images for this block, then check this so they don’t get recreated each time. Default: Off

Note: This has no effect other than saving the time it takes to reload the Visual Editor.