User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
GalleryPlus User Guide

Accordion Settings Options


Slide speed

Speed of slide animation in seconds
Default: 0.8

Auto play

Option to enable auto play so images change automatically
Default: On

Pause on hover

Option to pause the autoplay when mouse hovers over the images
Default: On

Cycle speed

Time each slide is displayed for (in seconds)
Default: 6


Choose a theme for the accordion.

You can create you own custom theme too. Modify the CSS file liteaccordion.css in the folder /galleryplus/styles/js/nikki-liteAccordion/css in your WP plugins folder.

Look for the section header custom and using the class .acc-custom

Default: Dark

Rounded Dark Theme

Whether to use rounded corners or not on the Dark theme
Default: Off

Number Images

Option to show image numbers on each image’s title tab
Default: On

Tab width (px)

Sets the width of each image’s title tab
Default: 48