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GalleryPlus User Guide

Common Questions

Always be sure to re-save your page in the Visual Editor as a troubleshooting first step. Quite often, this will be all that’s needed to resolve a problem.

Try refreshing the cache too.

Why when I install a new version, why do I get a fatal error

Sometimes when you activate a new install of Gallery+, you might get a message like:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gp_register_block) (previously declared in //wp-content/plugins/headway3-block-gallerysplus-135/plugin.php:91) in /wp-content/plugins/headway3-block-galleryplus-139/GalleryPlus.php on line 122

This simply indicates that you forgot to deactivate the old Gallery+ first.

Looking at the message, the first part indicate Gallery+ is the one you need to deactivate. In the example above, it’s version 1.0.0.

Why, after I make changes to a gallery is Gallery+ still showing the old version?

When you change images, Gallery+ needs to re-generate its images. There are two methods for doing this.

1) To do so, go into the Headway Visual Editor, onto the page displaying that gallery, and simply press the “Save” button. This will regenerate the images for the Gallery+ blocks on that page.


2) Go into the WP Admin and under the PizazzWP, Tools submenu and run the Refresh Image Cache tool. This will force the regeneration of images in all Gallery+ galleries on your site.

My page is broken – nothing appears in or after my Gallery+ block

Two likely causes of this:

1) Memory – or lack thereof. Some hosts are configured to produce a visible error when you run out of memory, some not. In either case, the site will break at that point and nothing else will be displayed.
You can try reducing the size of your Display Image Width and Height, otherwise, you will need to get you PHP memory limit increased.

You can easily check your server’s PHP memory limit on the Miscellaneous tab. The default is often 32MB. The shortfall is probably quite small, so an increase of16MB or 32MB should be plenty.

2) A javascript conflict with another plugin. Try deactivating all other plugins and if the problem goes away, reactivate and test one by one until the problem reappears. That will identify the conflicting plugin. Contact Headway support and let us know and we’ll see if a workaround can be found.