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GalleryPlus User Guide

CSS3 Styling Options

Note: CSS3 Enhancements will only show up in modern browsers. The only versions of Internet Explorer that will show them is IE9 or above. Viewers of your site using IE8 or less will not enjoy the spiffiness.


Gallery shadow

Choose location of the gallery’s shadow if you want one.Default: Bottom right

Gallery shadow depth (px)

Set how far behind the frame you want the shadow to seem to be.
Default: 5

Gallery shadow blur (px)

Set this to blur the shadow more. A setting of 0 will have a sharp edged shadow.

Gallery shadow colour

Generally use a shade of grey. #999999 is reasonable medium. However, if your background is coloured, you will need to use a darker shader of it. e.g if your background is #bbbb00, then use say #777700Default: #999999
Please, for the love of good design, never use a coloured shadow on white or black backgrounds, always use a shade of grey.

Inset gallery shadow

Show the shadow inside the frame, giving an inset appearance rather than outside the frame, which gives a raised appearance.
Default: Off

Rotate gallery (deg)

Just for something a little different and crazy. If you use it, make sure you create space around the gallery as it could overlap.Don’t overdo it either, 1 degree is quite a large angle. Rotation looks best when you don’t have thumbs or a nav bar.Use a minus sign for reverse rotations. E.g. -1
Default: 0