User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
GalleryPlus User Guide

Embedding a Gallery+ block in a page using a shortcode

On the Frame Options Panel, it will show the shortcode to use if you want to embed the block in your page or post’s content

Activating the block for embedding


Tick the checkbox to enable the block for embedding, and not the provided shortcode. Publish the page to save the settings.

Add the shortcode to your page or post content


Adding the shortcode is simply a matter of typing the provided shortcode where ever you want to display the gallery in the page or post’s content.

Publish the page/post to save the changes.

How things look in the Visual Editor Grid View


In the Visual Editor (Grid View above, Design View below), you can see how the embedded block is displayed as a grey box in your page and the original block still shows where ever you created it. It’s always worth putting embedded blocks at the bottom of your page, out of the way.

How things look in the Visual Editor Design View


How it appears to the those viewing the site


As you can see, the original block is hidden when viewing the site, and instead displayed just where you wanted it in your content!