User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
GalleryPlus User Guide

Installing Gallery+ for the first time

If you have previously installed Gallery+ on your site, you will need to follow the instructions below for Installing on a site with Gallery+ already installed.
Headway blocks are plugins, and as such, are installed using the WordPress plugin installer. For this, you will need the Gallery+ ZIP file that you downloaded from Headway Themes. On some systems, it may have been automatically decompressed. In that case, check in your computer’s Trash or Recycle Bin and copy it to somewhere on your hard drive.
If you need more help on using WordPress, there is no better place for beginner’s tutorials than
The quick version
Use your site’s WordPress plugin installer and activate the plugin once installed.


  1. In your WordPress, under the Plugins section, select the ‘Add New’ plugin option and upload the Gallery+ ZIP file.


Activate when prompted
That’s it! You can now move on to chapter 3, on Adding a Gallery+ Gallery.