User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
GalleryPlus User Guide

Setting up your first Gallery+ gallery in WordPress 3.5 and above

Gallery+ provides several methods for storing your images in galleries:

  • Gallery+ galleries utilising WP media library
  • WP galleries in existing posts and pages
  • NextGen Gallery galleries

Here we are going to talk about the first method, setting up a Gallery+ gallery.

When Gallery+ is installed, it adds a menu to you WP admin PizazzWP menu


Go into the PizazzWP Galleries sub-menu and you’ll see no galleries listed at this stage. Click "Add New".

Add a new gallery


1) Enter a name for the gallery in the first text field.

2) At this stage, it doesn’t hurt to also Publish now, which will save it.

As these are custom post types, they will not appear on your site unless specifically coded to do so. Which is what the Gallery+ block will do.


3) Select and load images. If you are familiar with using images with your posts, this should be straight forward for you. However, unlike inserting an image, we want to insert a series of images as a gallery.

Uploading images


WordPress 3.5 has totally revamped the Media Manager interface.

The first thing we want to do is click on the Create Gallery.

If the images you want tio use are already on your site, skip down to the section Selecting from the Media Library.

Otherwise, click the Select Files button.

Selecting images


From the dialog box, whether Mac, Linux or Windows, navigate to the images on your computer and select the ones you want to upload and click the Open button (or the equivalent if you are on Linux or Windows)

Selecting from the Media Library


The window will switch to the Media Library view, upload your chosen images, and mark them as selected.

You can select additional images with you media library by clicking on them. You can also add Titles, Captions which GalleryPlus will use.

If you want the image to go to a specific URL when clicked, enter it in the Destination URL.

A thumbnail list of your selected images also appears aross the bottom of this window.

Once you are happy with your selection of images, click Create a new gallery button.

You can come back to this screen at anytime to change the images in the gallery.


WordPress will now display large thumbnails of the images in your gallery. You don’t need to do anything else here except click Insert Gallery.

(Ordering will be set within the GalleryPlus Block).


Your selection of images, the gallery you made, will now appear in this GalleryPlus Gallery post as a large blue rectangle with a camera and photo in it.

Click Publish again.


When you reveist the Galleries listing, you will see your new gallery there.

You can proceed into the Headway Visual Editor to add a Gallery+ block!

Editing a Gallery


If you click on a gallery in a post or page editor, you will notice two icons appear.

The left hand one will reopen the media manger dilog window, where you can add or remove images from a gallery.

The right hand one will remove the gallery from within your page. It will remove the gallery itself or the images contained in it. In a post or page, it will no longer display. Howevr, in GalleryPlus, it will still be selectable and displayable.