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GalleryPlus User Guide

About GalleryPlus

The Gallery+ block provides a flexible gallery to show off your images, allowing those images to be stored in Gallery+, WordPress and NextGen galleries.

Gallery+ includes Slider, Accordion, Carousel and ThumbGrid styles.

Gallery+ adds two items to the PizzazzWP menu. Firstly, a list of Gallery+ galleries, under the sub-menu heading "Galleries". Adn secondly, it adds a cache refresh option to the PizazzWP sub-menu Tools.



Gallery+ is chock full of features, including:

  • Four gallery styles – Sldier, Accordion, Carousel and ThumbGrid
  • Resize options for display image now are: Crop, Stretch, Match Height, Match Width, and Fit to Height and Width
  • Navigation button styles. Now 50 to choose from.
  • Can use galleries in WP posts and pages
  • Enhancements to Lightbox viewer
  • Zom Inside and ZoomUp methods to view larger image
  • Ability to link from a thumbnail or image to a URL
  • Option in WP admin to refresh the Gallery+ image cache Galleries can be shown in a block or embedded in the page’s content using a simple shortcode
  • Horizontal or vertical navigation positioned left, right, top or bottom
  • Option to place text at the top or bottom of images
  • Uses standard WordPress media library via Gallery+ custom post type
  • Can use existing galleries in NextGen Gallery
  • Built-in lightbox for viewing full image
  • Multiple navigation button styles
  • Create and use your own navigation buttons (requires Photoshop skills)
  • Vertical crop alignment of images
  • Horizontal crop alignment of images
  • Slideshow
  • Frame border and frame padding allows book style or photo style designs
  • CSS3 enhancements of frame shadow and rotation (supported browsers only)
  • Sample gallery built-in

System Requirements

  • WordPress 3.2 or greater
  • Headway 3.0 or greater
  • NextGen galleries require NextGen plugin installed and activated
  • PHP with GD image processing library (99% of hosts provide this by default).

Technical support:
Headway Themes support:
WordPress user support:


This document © Copyright 2011-2012, Chris Howard
Author: Chris Howard
Last update: 25 February 2012
Gallery+ version: 1.3 and greater

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