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SliderPlus User Guide

About SliderPlus

PizazzWP SliderPlus is a clean and customizable slider with multiple content sources, including posts, pages, slides and custom post types. It provides filtering by recent posts, categories, tags, slide sets and custom taxonomies.

SliderPlus has its own custom post type called Slides, and a custom post type called Slide Sets.

If you want your slider to include videos, then slides are what you are looking for.

SlideSets are like categories but can be used on slides, posts and even pages.

SliderPlus is theme independent. Not only will it work just fine with Headway 3, but this means you can also use it on any WordPress site including your older Headway 2 ones.

SliderPlus has comprehensive context-based help for every option. It also takes advantage of WordPress’ own dropdown help system.