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SliderPlus User Guide

Accessing SliderPlus Help

SliderPlus has extensive help built right in, using three methods.

SliderPlus has three methods of providing help. Between these three, hopefully you can find most of the answers you might need.

1) WordPress pulldown help

SliderPlus pulldown help

In the top left corner of the WP admin is a Help button. If you are running SliderPlus, it will be coloured orange, otherwise it matches your admin colour scheme.

Clicking it on any of the SliderPlus screens, will pulldown general SliderPlus help with context to the screen you are viewing.

Example SliderPlus pulldown help

Example SliderPlus pulldown help

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2) Inline help

SliderPlus inline help

Some SliderPlus options have some help information right below them on editing screens.

3) Popup help

SliderPlus popup help

Next to each option on a SliderPlus editing screen, is a question mark symbol. Clicking it will open a popup window showing the help for that particular option. Click it again to close it, or leave it open as long as you like.

Example SliderPlus popup help

Example SliderPlus popup help