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SliderPlus User Guide

Creating an S+ Slide

Add a new S+ Slide


Elements of a Slide


Slide Title
1. Enter a name for the slide

Slide Content
2. Enter some content. This can be as much or little as you like, and can include images. Bear in mind though, the limitations of your Content are may cut-off the display of all of the content you enter here.

Slide Feature
3. If required, enter a Feature. Either a Featured Image, Embed URL, or Embed code.

Slide Category
4. You always need to select a category for the slide, either forn the Slide categories, or standard categories.

Slide Destination
5. If you want the slide to link to another page, you will need to enter a Destination URL.

Publish the Slide and then you can create another.

Short demonstration video to create a slide