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SliderPlus User Guide

Creating your first Slideshow

SliderPlus Slideshows can be created using posts, pages, S+ Slides, galleries and custom post types.

They all follow the same basic construction: A set of navigable slides whose layout consists of Content, Feature and Navigation.


Whichever source you choose for the slides, you will need to create it before creating a Slideshow. If it is S+ Slides to be your source, then see the tutorial on creating S+ Slides,

For this tutorial, we will be using S+ Slides as the source.

The tutorial won’t cover every option, as each option has its own popup help, but will show you the basic settings to getting your first Slideshow.

Add a new Slideshow


Under the PizazzWP > S+ Slideshows menu, click on the Add New Slideshow Layout

Setting up the options


You will be presented with a screen to input the various SliderPlus Slideshow options.

Briefly they are:

(1) General settings
(2) Filters: Choose things like post types, categories, order
(3) Layout: Setup the overall layout of the slideshow
(4) Content: Settings related to how the content displays
(5) Features: Configure the options for displaying the featured image or video
(6) Navigation: Choose how the navigation displays
(7) Transitions: Setup the transitions between the slides
(8) Styling: These settings allow you to choose from one of the available style themes, and configure other styling options.
(9) Responsive: SliderPlus provides some specific settings for controling responsive behaviour
(10) Custom CSS: Her eyou can provide your own custom CSS specific to this slideshow.

For clarity, this is a tabbed screen, with like settings grouped under their own tab.

Each option has a popup help button beside it. Click on it for further information about the option. Through future upgrades, this help will be further expanded as necessary.

The most important thing here is to experiment!

To write instructions for how changing each option affects the slideshow would amount to dozens of pages that I don’t think anyone would read.

Use the Publish/Update button to save your changes, and do so often.

Once you have a Slideshow setup, you can then display it using a shortcode, a widget, a Headway block or a template tag. See each info page for how to do those.

Video: SliderPlus demonstration

Note: This video is yet to be updated with the newer screen layouts, but still should explain it sufficiently.