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SliderPlus User Guide

General Options

Add a title and shortname


The Title can be anything descriptive, and is used in the Slideshow list on the previous screen.

The shortname is very important, as this is used in the engine of the slideshow generation.

For example, the main container CSS for the slideshow has an id of #pzsp-shortname
(where shortname is the name you enter in the Short Name field). This CSS can then be used to uniquely identify the slideshow in any custom CSS you write.

Select source


Select filtering


After selecting a filtering method, the options will change to match. In this example, the Slide Set categories will be shown


And from there, slect the sub-filtering, such as the slide set

At this, point, it is also worth Publishing. This own’t show on your site yet, but at least saves you progress.

Set other filtering options


There are a few more filtering options to fine tune what and how your content wil display.

If you leave the Number to show blank, it will show all.


Proceed to Layout Options