User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Container Block embedblock shortcode

Blocks on the current layout can be embedded with the page’s content using [ embedblock] shortcode.

Note: Leave out the space after the first square bracket – it’s just thereso WordPress won’t try to execute the shortcode.


The grey block of text is a Text block that has been embedded directly into the page content using the embedblock shortcode as shown below


[ embedblock] shortcode usage

To use the [ embedblock] shortcode, options are:

  • id = block id (numeric. ID of block to embed. This is required)
  • width = number (Width in pixels)
  • wrap = on|off (wrap text around embedded block if aligned left or right)
  • align = left|centre|center|right (align the embedded block)
  • lpadding = number (adds this padding to left of block)
  • rpadding = number (adds this padding to right of block)

Example: [ embedblock id=47 width=150 align=centre wrap=on]

If you enter [ embedblock] with no options, it will show the above options.