User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Content Options


Header Image(s)

Allows you to choose what image(s) to use as the background for the header. If you choose more than one, they will cycle according to the cycle settings on this panel.

Twenty11/10 Image(s)

You may also select images from the TwentyEleven or TwentyTen themes if you still have them installed.

NOTE: Images in TwentyTen have dimensions of 940x198px and those in TwentyEleven have dimensions of 1000x288px.

Header Image URLs

Each image can be linked to a different URL if you so desire. Simply enter a comma separated list of URLs that corresponds to the image order. If the number of URLs doesn\’t match the number of images, the first URL will be used for any unmatched images.

Display Time

This option allows you to set how long, in seconds, each image will be displayed – if you have multiple images.

Transition Time

To adjust the speed of the transition from one image to another, enter a smaller or larger value here.

Hide Site Title

Check this to hide the site title in your header. You’d do this if the title was included in your header images(s).The titlesit across your header image (if you’ve set any).

Hide Tagline

Check this to hide the tagline in your header. The tagline will sit below your site title and across your header image (if you’ve set any).

Random Order

Check this to display images in a random order.

Show one image only

Check this to display only the first image. Use with Random Order to show a different image each time the page is loaded.

Pause on hover

Check this to pause the image cycling when mouse hovers over the images.