User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Titles Block options

Titles can be simple, like the one above that says "Swiss Army Block User Guide" or much fancier, using the Titles effects options and/or the Design Mode styling.

Content options


This is the text you want to display for this title

Use post/page title
Alternatively, you can automatically use the text from the title of the current page.

Font size
Set the size of your font for the title here. Other font settings can be controlled in Design Mode.

Effects options


NOTE: The gradient system is fairly simple, and has unavoidable limitations and is affected by line-height, font-size, padding etc, so you may not always get the exact gradient you are aiming for. But with a bit of experimentation, you should get a suitable alternative.

Currently, the only effect you can add is the gradient. The shadows are part of the gradient effect as well. If you dont’ have use the gradient, but want shadows, use the stylings in the Design Mode.

Simple gradient, start colour
You can setup a simple gradient with a start and end colour

Simple gradient, end colour
You can setup a simple gradient with a start and end colour

Advanced gradient colours
Alternatively, you can enter a comma separated list of colours in hex format to form the gradient

Gradient direction
You can reverse the gradient without re-entering it, or change its direction between horizontal and vertical.

Text vertical offset
The gradient actually covers the entire text area. However, the text may not. This is why it doesn’t always appear to start or end with your selected colours. This is more noticeable and problematic with vertical gradients. Therefore, this setting lets you nudge the text up or down to adjust how the gradient displays on it.

Shadow colour
Choose a colour for your shadow. 99% of the time this shouldl be black.

Shadow X offset
Set how far left or right you want the shadow to fall.

Shadow Y offset
Set how far up or down you want the shadow to fall.

Shadow blur
Set how much you’d like to blur the shadow.

If the offsets are set to zero, larger blurring will appear around the letters and can be used for a glow effect if a light colour is chosen for the shadow.

Shadow opacity
For a more natural looking shadow, set an opactity (transparency) for it. 30% seems to look fairly realistic. If you’ve set a background colour or image (in Design Mode), the opacity becomes much more important.