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Swiss Army Block User Guide

Using Outer Space

The Outer Space extension in Swiss Army Block provides a method for you to displaying content outsie the normal space of the page. Some refer to this area as the background or wallpaper.

Outer Space can display in the top, bottom, left right areas, content types of text, HTML or Headway blocks.

It’s quite common to see these spaces used to display advertising, but they can be used in any manner you can think

Configuring the left and right spaces


Set the Left and Right space positioning and size as required.

Enter HTML or block IDs for the Left and/or Right space. Check the box to enable the space to display. If at any time you want to stop displaying the space but not remove the code, disable the display of the space.

If the space contains block IDs, make sure to check the box to indicate this or else all that will display is the block IDs.

Formerly, the Left and Right spaces would appear next to the page wrapper. Since Headway 3.5 and multiple wrappers, it is necessary to indicate which wrapper the spaces are to appear beside.

Configuring the Top and Bottom spaces


Since Headway 3.5, and multiple wrappers which can each have different widths, it is necessary to set the width of the top and bottom spaces.