User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Using the Documents block

The Documents block provides a means to display a list of downloadable documents.

It creates its own curtom post type, Documents, for this purpose.

This also means using the Documents block is a two part process. Setting up the documents in WP admin, and then setting up the blocks.

Enabling Documents content type


Before using the Documents block, you will need to enable the Documents content type. This is off by default as we don’t want to clutter your menus unnecessarily.

Go to the PizazzWP menu and to Options and tick the box for “Show Documents content type”. Then save. You will probaly have to reload the admin to make the Documents type show up.

Adding and Editing Documents


Documents a saved in a normal WordPress like way, so you will be preented with the familiar list view.


However, when you add or edit a document, you will find a much trimmed down version of the post editor.

1) Give the document a title

2) Upload the document

3) Set a category

4) Save/update

Block content settings


The block content setting control what is shown and how. It’s fairly straight forward

Text settings


The Text settings let you change the text of the various labels on the front-end



You can also style elements of the block within the Visual Editor, Design Mode.