User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Using the Icons & Images block

Adding icons or images


Once you’ve created an Icons & Images block, go to its Content settings to configure the icons or images to display.

Note the instructions at the top. You can use your own icon set if you upload them vis FTP to the indicated folder. You may need to create some of the directories if they don’t exist.

1) You can select preloaded icons, or if you uploaded your own, they will be available in this dropdown as well.

2) Alternatively, you can choose a specific image from the media library. If you do, then set the “Icon” option to “Use your own image”

3) Add a URL here if you’d like the icon or image to link somewhere

4) Choose whether the link will open in a new or the current window

5) Enter a width (in pixels) if you’d like to change the icon’s width from its default

6) To add another icon or iamge, click the “+” button. To remove one, click the minus. You can also re-order them using the drag handle on the left.



The icon/image group can be aligned left, right or centre within the block



The icons or images can also have additional styling applied in Visual Editor, Design Mode