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Swiss Army Block User Guide

Using the Script Manager

The Swiss Army Block script manager lets you easily add and manage scripts to your website. These can be scripts, such as Google Analytics, advertising scripts, script hacks and so on.

Script Manager


The Script Manager is found in the WP admin Settings menu.



When you go to the Scripts Manager the first time, and empty script dialog will appear.

Script options


A script consists of three parts:

1) An ID. This is used by the software so can only contain letters, number, dashes or underscores. It also works as a title the script.
2) Script location. Scripts can be inserted into the head of site, the body or at the foot of it.

Some scripts, such as Google DFP have two parts: The javascript and the HTML. The javascript goes in the head or foot, and the HTML you need to insert into a page at the location you want it to appear. In Headway, the easiest way to do that is with a Custom Code Block, or a Widget.

3) The script code.

Recently it was discovered that scripts containing function() { would not save. The fix is simply to remove the space. That is, change it to function(){


  • Scripts should always be enclosed in <script> </script> tags.
  • Script should not be standard display HTML, as that will display and mess up your page.

Save and Add another script


You can have as many scripts as you like. To add more, click the Add Another Script button

And of course, Save often

Testing your scripts

Each script will have its own method for testing if it’s working, so I can’t give any particular instruction, or show any specifc screenshots .

There may be a little trial and error involved.

But if you’re really stuck, do contact us at support.