User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
Swiss Army Block User Guide

Using the Sets Block

The Sets Block allows you to place a group of blocks within a Sets block. This ensures other blocks outside the set don’t affect the placement of those blocks; allows you to style the set uniquely; and, with mirroring or other Sets blocks, allows you to create re-usable block groupings, such as used in a header.

Sets blocks can also be displayed based on date and time, or user status conditions.

Setting up the block content


1) Blocks for a set are identified by their ID. The block can even be another Sets block.

2) Multiple blocks in set can be added with the “+” button.

3) The block order can be changedby dragging the separate panels

With Sets blocks, it can be necessary to add some custom CSS in the Visual Editor, Design Mode as not all Headway design stylings for a block get applied

Setting conditions


You can control when the Sets block is displayed. This in itself adds a powerful feature to Headway, enabling you to, displaying a single block in a Sets block, set conditions on any Headway block.

You can also control whether a Sets block is visible to all or logged in only users.

It is important to remember, when using conditions, the page layout will be affected. Make sure you page still loks right with the block both visble and hidden



The Visual Editor, Design Mode lets you provide general stylings to the blocks in the set.



The red box shows a Sets block with three embedded blocks

The green box shows a Sets block with two embedded blocks

The advantage of these Sets blocks is they can be easily reused across different layouts. Even though the layout is achievable with normal Headway, It would require creation and mirroring of 5 blocks per layout used. With the Sets block, it’s just two mirred blocks per layout.

Sometimes though, the advantage of a Sets block is it allows you to create a layout that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with Headway normally.

Using Sets Block Video