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TabsPlus User Guide

About TabsPlus



Tabs+ provides a flexible new way to maximise the space available on web pages. It can display content in horizontal or vertical tabs, or vertical accordions. The content can be posts, excerpts, pages or even widgets. It also provides easy styling options for backgrounds and several different ways of activating the tabs.


  • Layouts: Vertical and horizontal tabs; Vertical accordions
  • Content types: Posts (Full/Excerpt), Pages, Widgets- Thumbnails in tabs
  • Option for tab titles to display Text, Numbers or Bullets
  • Custom text for tab titles- Tabs can be changed by: Mouse click, Mouse hover, Double Click or Automatically
  • Tabs and panels styling
  • Background styling can take full background CSS declarations or just HTML colour codes

System Requirements

  • WordPress 3.4 or greater
  • Headway 3.2 or greater
  • PHP with GD image processing library (99% of hosts provide this by default).

Note: As of WordPress 3.2, the minimum PHP requirement is version 5.2.4

User support forums: (login required)
WordPress user support:


This document © Copyright 2012, Chris Howard
Author: Chris Howard
Last update: 20 March 2012
Tabs+ version: 1.3.0

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