User guides for PizazzWP blocks and plugins for Headway and WordPress
TabsPlus User Guide


When you change the Content Type, you must republish AND reload the page.


Content type

Select content type. Options are

  • Posts & Custom Post Types
  • Pages
  • Widgets

Layout type

Select the style of layout. Options are:

  • Tabs horrizontal (tabs run across the top of the block)
  • Tabs vertical (tabs run down the side of the block)
  • Accordion vertical (tabs and content alternate down the block)

Minimum panel height

This is the minimum height in pixels that the panel area will display. It will adjust to larger heights based on content and number of tabs.

Panel fixed height

Sets a fixed height in pixels for the panel area. Long content will scroll. Leave blank for flexible height.

Block title

Enter a title for this block to be dislayed above the block. Blank for none.